If you’re not sure what “MerMay” is, it is an online art challenge started by animator Tom Bancroft.

The objective is to have you draw or paint a different mermaid piece for every day of May. You can check out my 2018 post here for even more info! I did this Monthly Challenge last year and really enjoyed it so much…that I did it again!!!

During this year’s month-long tribute to the art drawn by real-life mermaids, I was only able to draw 26 of my 31 mermaids. I managed to paint them all in watercolor, however, I’d say that I failed this challenge because I didn’t complete the 31 mermaids this year. I still had a ton of fun doing this challenge—but where did I go wrong?

This challenge embraces the values of creativity, community and above all else …MERMAIDS!

Why Did I Do This Month-Long Challenge?

My first attempt at this challenge was May 2018. You can read up more about it in my previous post “Monthly Art Challenge: Making a Splash With MerMay 2018.

I decided to give it another go this year as well since I love the mermaids (secretly I really am one…shhhhh). So let’s take a look at how things went this year!

Looking Back

I followed the same “Self Rules” or “Guidelines” as my previous challenge. These guidelines helped me to stay focused and motivated!

May was a busy month for me this year (again) so having these guidelines kept me focused whenever life got in the way.  

For materials: I used the same watercolor set from last year and even the same multipurpose sketchbook.

So, What Exactly Did I Do Differently This Year?

1)      This time around, I posted some updates on Instagram and Pinterest during the challenge, and I uploaded the finished collection on the MiM Gallery.

2)      I drew and painted detailed backgrounds this time around because I wanted each mermaid to have a stronger sense of personality, instead of just floating on whitespace. Adding the backgrounds made this challenge significantly harder, and I definitely drew for more hours overall than I did last year. I found myself struggling to keep up with the details of older pieces while creating new mermaids each day.

Challenge Results

Even though I failed this challenge in terms of my number of pieces, I think it’s fair to say that each piece has a higher level of detail that my 1st attempt at MerMay.

Perhaps for next year, I’ll be able to combine both outcomes and have a successful challenge with an amazing level of details!

So…the next possible monthly art challenge?

Next up I think I’m going to try out Junicorn!!! 

Naturally by now you’ll ask: “Mirsada, what the heck is a Junicorn?!?”

My vague response: “It is the journey to find a real-life Unicorn!!!”

On this next quest, I will attempt to draw a Unicorn for every…single…day….of June.

I’ve never done this monthly challenge before, so I am going to keep this simple and only use pencil and pigment liner my 1st time around. Wish me luck MiM readers, and I’ll keep you in the loop on  the ‘gram.

Keep your eyes on the MiM Gallery as well because you’ll never know if some unicorns decide to gallop on in…

Stay tuned!

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I created this blog to build a community to help budding and experienced artists connect, grow and create together. It’s a place where artists can learn and share information, and to keep art meaningful in there lives. Whether it’s going to a museum to observe art, tips on how to improve one’s skills, or simply answer the question, “Where do I even start?”

During my studies, I chose to hone and refine my skills through constant learning, experimentation and practice. I have over 10 years of experience, with a background in painting, sculpture, printmaking, art history and architecture. Recently, I have started to explore photography as well.

I truly believe that we are all born artists and simply forgot…it is never too late to re-start, it is never too late to remember that you are already an artist.”

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