Birthplace: Cody, Wyoming

Favorite mediums: Household paint on horizontal canvas

Styles/Period: Abstract expressionism, Drip Painting, Expressionism, Modern art, Action painting.

Who Was Pollock?

Paul Jackson Pollock also know as “Jackson Pollock”  was an American painter. Was born January 28, 1912, Cody, WY and died August 11, 1956, Springs, NY.  He was the first American painter celebrity. He was in magazines and did interview even had a video of him painting.

Early Life

Pollock was married to  Lee Krasner from 1945 to 1956. Lee Krasner was also an artist but was over shadowed by her husband. However, she played a major role in his career development. Krasner was the one to introducing him to many influential collectors, critics, and artists.

John Bernard Myers, a noted art dealer, was once quoted as saying, “there would never have been a Jackson Pollock without a Lee Pollock”

Pollock’s Paintings

Pollock was known for paintings in Abstract expressionism, Expressionism, Modern art, Action painting.  Pollock’s most famous paintings were made during the “drip period” between 1947 and 1950. 

“The painting has a life of its own. I try to let it come through.”

Convergence, 1952 by Jackson Pollock. Courtesy of

He was a  major figure in the abstract expressionist movement. His technique of pouring or splashing liquid household paint onto a horizontal surface, enabling him to view and paint his canvases from all angles. They said that his painting was like a dance. Pollock   He is also known for taking the easel out of painting. 

“My painting does not come from the easel.”

Autumn Rhythm (Number 30), 1950 by Jackson Pollock. Courtesy of

Abstract Expressionism, and the varied work produced by the Abstract Expressionists, resists definition as a “cohesive style.” Instead, these artists shared an interest in using abstraction to convey strong emotional or expressive content.

“Today painters do not have to go to a subject matter outside of themselves. Most modern painters work from a different source. They work from within.”

Blue Poles, 1952 by Jackson Pollock. Courtesy of

Death And Family

Pollock was a troubled person. Some historians say that he may have had a bipolar disorder and he also struggled with alcoholism. Pollock died at the age of 44 in a single-car accident driving under the influence of alcohol when his wife was away in Europe.

The accident happened less than a mile from his home, taking the lives of both Pollock and one of the passengers, Edith Metzger. The other passenger Ruth Kligman, an artist, and Pollock’s mistress, survived the accident.

Ocean Greyness, 1953 by Jackson Pollock. Courtesy of
White Light, 1954 by Jackson Pollock. Courtesy of

Major Museums That Contain Pollock’s Works

If you wish to see Pollock’s work on display you can find some at these locations:

  • The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago’s Grant Park
  • The National Gallery of Art, and its attached Sculpture Garden,
  •  The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Museum of Modern Art
  • The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art 
  • The Chrysler Museum of Art 


Video: How Jackson Pollock Changed Painting Forever by Sotheby’s

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