We are Team MiM!

Make It Mirsada, or just “MiM” for short, was created to provide those who appreciate “art in all forms” with in-depth guides, tutorials and content on how to embrace the world of art. We are a collection of down-to-earth New Yorkers with a strong interest in the arts.

Art as a Teacher

Visual learning is important to our team and we value art as it provides opportunities to learn through visual means. We can learn from art traditionally through art history, or untraditionally as art may help us understand a concept on a deeper level.

Art is an Experience

Art is the ultimate form of expression. We believe in the importance of expression through artistic means. Art prevails when words fail; it can teach a lesson, tell a story, or forever capture the beauty of a moment.

Art in All Forms

In New York, it seems as if art is around every corner! There are hundreds of museums, sculptures, architecture — and we want to share and inspire others with all the various art forms that we come across from all parts of the world!

We believe that art is powerful, especially in the way that it impacts our society. We are striving to provide a platform that will support a community of budding and blooming artists wishing to explore art in all its many different forms, mediums and expressions.


Founder, Artist, Blogger

B.A. in Art

Mirsada believes in embracing “Art in All Forms”. Art is all around us, and sometimes you just need to slow down and take a closer look. Art carries many stories and has always been an integral part of human history. It is continuously evolving, changing and adapting to the world around it—Just like human beings, or any other living organism.

Mirsada created this blog to build a community to help budding and experienced artists connect, grow and create together. It’s a place where artists can learn and share information, and to keep art meaningful in there lives. Whether it’s going to a museum to observe art, tips on how to improve one’s skills, or simply answer the question, “Where do I even start?”

“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain one once you grow up.” — Pablo Picasso

During her studies, Mirsada chose to hone and refine her skills through constant learning, experimentation and practice. She has over 10 years of experience, with a background in painting, sculpture, printmaking, art history and architecture. Recently she has started to explore photography.

She truly believes that, “we are all born artists and simply forgot…it is never too late to re-start, it is never too late to remember that you are already an artist.”

Welcome to the MiM Community!


Content Editor, Author, Blogger

Samantha is a 20-something native New Yorker, an avid reader, and a huge couch potato. As a child, Samantha could be found in her room reading, writing, or drawing. She is proud to report that as an adult, she can still be found in her room reading, writing, or drawing. Art and literature have always played a major role in her life and she is excited to edit and write for Make It Mirsada!

Currently, Samantha is a student majoring in English and hopes to pursue a career in publishing. In the meantime, she keeps herself sane by reading manga, YA fiction, science-fiction, fantasy novels, and watching a ton of anime.

She also enjoys visiting museums, loitering in Barnes and Nobles, and attending Comic Cons, Book Cons and other geeky events.


Content Manager, Blogger

B.S. in Business Management, CPhT

Isaiah has always been a “jack of all trades” kind of person. He’s a true generalist and a bit of an autodidact with constant thirst for knowledge. Growing up, he was always that one kid in the room that took the toys apart and spent the next couple hours figuring out how to put them all back together again. This reverse-engineering, logical and structured mindset has always been the central core of his personality…until he met Mirsada, and was introduced to ART!

For him, art was a puzzle that could not be solved by breaking it down and put back together again. She taught him to embrace art for all it’s intrinsic values. He soon realized that artists expressed themselves directly through their work. He learned that true masters of art are even able to convey all their thoughts, emotions, experiences, aspirations, and even their souls to those that bear witness to their work.

Currently, he works in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors at some of the largest hospital systems in NYC. In a city so immersed in art culture, he’s soaking it in each and everyday in a self-indulgent pursuit to understand art in all forms.